Countdown to Publication

We’re in “final” editing (as if there is such a thing) and looking forward to “possibly” having this ready before Thanksgiving. Depends on how the proof print looks and how much more modification needs to be done. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, here’s a teaser paragraph or two.

Danbury shrugged off winter like a young socialite un-shouldering her cape at the cloakroom of a ritzy New York nightclub, eager to enjoy whatever came next. The pent-up energy of thirty-five thousand or so men, women, and children was palpable and probably enough, if captured, to light up the city for the entire summer. Jackets were cleaned and put away for the next five months. Smudge pots marked off sections of roadway where city crews busily repaired the worst of the potholes.

Danbury High School baseball was in full swing as April gave way to May, with local legend Clayton Haviland taking over as coach, and kids like us swept their backyards with flashlights and tin cans, collecting nightcrawlers for the next day’s fishing adventure.