When I was growing up in the 1950’s and 1960’s, it was common in my hometown of Danbury, Connecticut to see all types of services delivered directly to our home and to thousands of others. Among them was the milkman in his little delivery truck along with a lady who delivered eggs, the insurance man who would come by the house to collect the five-dollar premium every month, the Charles Chip delivery guy, oil delivery trucks, and even our family doctor.

This story is about fictional milkman Herb Lundy and his encounter with a spiritual being that provides him with the opportunity to take a journey through time and faith. The story is interjected with the observations of a boy growing up in the same town roughly at the same time, reflecting on a lifestyle in the late 1950’s that is long gone but fondly remembered.

Don’t forget, this is a work of fiction. There is no Magic Dairy, nor is it supposed to represent Marcus Dairy. The familiar New York Bake Shop was fictionalized to Main Street Bake Shop since I created fictional ownership. Danburians will remember a lot of details, may dispute some, and will have to understand that this is a mixture of fact, fiction, and my own imagination. Enjoy.



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