The Book

Herb Lundy and the Magic Milk Truck is a nostalgic novel set in Danbury Connecticut in the late 1950’s that marries fact, fiction and time travel in one heartfelt tale of faith and redemption. Milkman and war veteran Herb Lundy encounters a man who can unravel the mysteries of eternity – if Herb makes a promise. Herb Lundy is a driver for Magic Dairy, selling his wares across town, going to church every Sunday but troubled by his incomplete faith. An encounter with a gentle stranger sends him on a series of trips through time to discover the Fruit of the Spirit with an ending that just may bolster your faith, too.

Intertwined in the story is the author’s personal testimony and commentary of his own childhood growing up in Danbury at the same time. Danburians and anyone who grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s will appreciate the nostalgia dripping from almost every page while history buffs and fans of time travel will find compelling stories, all designed to explain and support some very fundamental truths of the human experience.

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